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Amp Genie - The Signal-Sensing Automatic Remote Control

Amp Genie - The Signal-Sensing Automatic Remote Control

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Amp Genie is the world's first and only signal-sensing automatic remote that listens for sound and automatically sets up your receiver for immediate sound.

Now you don't need a remote in your hand or a fancy universal remote or control system for this simple everyday task! Just play and your beautiful home theater jumps to life with the best sound in the house. Whether you use voice control, a streaming app, a handheld remote, or old fashioned button pushing, Amp Genie gets your music playing faster and easier than ever before. 

Amp Genie works with any stereo audio source from any of these 3 common connector types: (Analog, Toslink/Optical, and SPDIF/Digital are all onboard) and Home Audio Receivers from the 8 major brands: Anthem, AudioControl, Denon, Marantz, Onkyo/Integra, Pioneer, Sony, and Yamaha/Aventage. 

Only Amp Genie gives you the Joy of Music, Effortlessly!

Amp Genie is currently completing final production and will ship in late June or early/mid July 2023.

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