How Amp Genie Works

Amp Genie FAQ

What’s an Amp Genie? Amp Genie is a signal-sensing automatic remote control that sets your receiver up for immediate playback, as soon as it hears you push play on any audio device. Amp Genie eliminates all of the manual button-pressing that used to be necessary before you could hear sound from your Receiver. Amp Genie saving you time, energy, and frustration, and enables you to experience the Joy of Music, on your best systems in your home, Effortlessly.

Physically, Amp Genie is a compact low-current device that sits right under your Port or Connect or can be placed anywhere near your equipment.

Why would I want an Amp Genie? You want an Amp Genie because you know that good sound matters. You own a home theater receiver or stereo receiver that you absolutely love listening to, and want to be able to get right to the music with as few steps as possible. If you’re like many of our clients, you’ve probably been neglecting your beautiful receiver system because cheap smart speakers, until now, were infinitely easier to use than your home theater. But now, with Amp Genie, you can JUST PLAY and you’ll hear music right away. The way it should be.

You’d also want an Amp Genie if you have a setup with several stereo audio inputs, such as computer sound and streamer sound, and you want them BOTH to switch on your receiver and play automatically, without you lifting a finger. After all, you have games to play and music to enjoy, and these things should just happen automatically. Its 2022!

Why would I not want an Amp Genie? You enjoy getting up to push several different buttons every time you want to hear music on your receiver. You enjoy being frustrated rather than relaxing and enjoying your beautiful sound system without lifting a finger. Or, you don’t yet own a receiver. Call us when you get one.

How do I know if I don’t need an Amp Genie? If you don’t have a receiver and an external audio source, you don’t need an Amp Genie. If you only use self-powered speakers such as Bluetooth speakers, smart speakers (ie tabletop speakers), or self-powered Soundbars, then you don’t need an Amp Genie for those. However, if you have smart speakers/amps/soundbars, and add a receiver to work with your whole-home audio system, then you’ll need an Amp Genie to pair with your streamer, to automate everything and get you right to the music.

Does Amp Genie affect my sound quality? No, Amp Genie does not affect sound quality since your audio does not get passed through it. Your audio stays connected directly to your receiver, and Amp Genie listens “passively” without any effect on your signal.

Amp Genie Tech specs

Operating Voltage

 5VDC @ 80ma maximum draw, USB Power Supply included

Boot-Up Time

<1 second

Response Time

<1 second

Audio Inputs

Analog Stereo, Toslink Optical Stereo , SPDIF Coaxial Digital Stereo

IR Output

1/8” Industry Standard IR Output Jack

(Supports visible IR emitter and IR Direct Connection Cable,both included ) 

Programming Interface

Just Set 10 DIP Switches.

(No network, smart device, credentials, logins, or drivers)

Programmable Features

Selectable Input, All Channel Stereo DSP Select, Auto Volume, Auto Off

LED Indicators

Signal Type Present, IR Active, Standby, heartbeat indicators

Button Functions

TEST button to test ON and OFF routines.

RESET button to save changes and reboot. 

Setup Time

5-20 minutes depending on installer’s knowledge, then set it and forget it.