The Joy of Music, Effortlessly

Meet Amp Genie, the Signal-Sensing Automatic Remote for your Home Stereo

Great Sound and Ultimate Convenience

Amp Genie magically senses sound and instantly configures your system. Just start your player with your voice or a touch on your favorite streaming app, and Amp Genie does the rest.

Your Receiver, on Autopilot

Start your receiver automatically

Sound Activated

Your own personal music Genie
Always ready to grant the wish of great sound
No remote needed

Effortless Receiver Audio Bliss

You invested in a home receiver because you appreciate quality sound. 
Receivers sound amazing but can be hard to operate.
Only Amp Genie empowers your premium receiver sound with 100% automatic, effortless ease of use.  No programming, no remotes.

Just Drop the Needle

At the touch of needle to your favorite record, Amp Genie will instantly and automatically start your system, bringing your big analog sound to life.
With built-in Analog, Optical, and Digital SPDIF trigger inputs, Amp Genie works with any audio source: Streamers, Turntables, CD players, Cassette Players, PC Audio, TV Audio, DJ Mixers, Karaoke, Jukeboxes, and more.

Seamlessly integrates Receivers from:

Don’t Lift A Finger

Play your receiver instantly, right from your streaming system’s app or voice control. Amp Genie will even shut your system back off when you’re done. 

Cost-Effective Simplicity

Receivers don't 'just play' when you want them to. You usually need to find your remote and push 5 or 6 buttons to get to your music.
You could spend thousands of dollars on a custom Universal Remote (which still requires you to keep it charged, find it when you want it, and press the right buttons), but Amp Genie eliminates the need for an audio remote at all, and it costs 80% less than more complicated solutions.
Amp Genie installs in minutes with no tools, no programming, and no credentials, with simple instructions and all custom cables included in the box. After that, its set-it-and-forget-it.

All the Features

Sound Activated

Actively listens for you to begin playing your music, triggering instantly from any stereo audio source.

Your System, Simplified

Starts your system automatically on command. No remotes, no buttons, no problems.

Installs in Minutes

No tools, apps, or internet required. All cables included.

Network Agnostic

No Wifi Password needed. Ultra-reliable operation because it doesn’t depend on a network. It just always works.

4 Smart Features

All Channel Stereo DSP, Auto Off Timer, Auto Volume Level, and Dual Input Select

Saves Energy and Space

Reduces heat and extends equipment life with Auto Off. Integrated cradle saves space by holding your streamer.

Easily Automate Your Home Audio Receiver

Amp Genie works with the 8 largest brands of home audio receivers, covering approximately 90% of the receivers made in the past 10 years.
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Just Play

You don't need a fancy universal remote or expensive control system for this simple everyday task! Gone are the days of fumbling for remotes, and pushing 5 different buttons to get to your music!
JUST PLAY your source, and your beautiful home theater jumps to life with the best sound in the house.

Great Sound and Ultimate Convenience

Created by integrators for everyone, Amp Genie sets new standards in customizable convenience while preserving pristine audio quality.
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Maintains Excellent Sound Quality

Delivers an unparalleled audio experience by preserving sound integrity & operating without signal interference.

Quick & Easy Set Up

With a streamlined setup process, most users can have their Amp Genie fully configured in under 10 minutes. In fact, if you've become familiar with the process by setting up a few devices, you can accomplish it in well under 5 minutes. Say goodbye to lengthy installations and embrace the convenience of quick and hassle-free setup with Amp Genie.

4 Customizable Features

Adjustable: Input Select A/B, DSP Select, Auto Volume Level, & Auto Power Off.