“Finally an easy way to make our home theater receiver act like a smart speaker.”  - Brenda, Woodland Hills

“We almost gave up listening to music on our home theater because we could never figure out all the buttons to press. Now we just press the play button on and everything else happens automatically! Thanks Amp Genie!” – David N, Los Angeles

“Brilliant idea. Its about time someone thought of this. We have sound in every room and now, finally, our Receiver automatically turns on like the rest of them, right from the Sonos App. So much easier than trying to find the remote or juggling multiple apps every time we want to hear music.” – Alexa, San Diego CA

“I love Amp Genie because now even I can play my Dad’s big speakers with Alexa” - Bo, Age 6

“I use Amp Genie every night in my home when I listen to my studio mixes on my big system. Makes it a breeze and now I listen even more!” – Quincy J, Los Angeles

“Its like your own personal genie, living in your equipment closet with the remote in his hand, just waiting for you to press play. “ – Jack L, Scottsville AZ

“I love that it turns my stereo back off when I’m done, saving energy and the environment” – Starr, Venice CA

“I’m an avid record collector and I use Amp Genie to turn my receiver on whenever I play my turntable which is on the other side of the room”. Its wonderful to not have reach over there every time anymore. And I love that I don’t even have to remember to turn it off” Alfred, a Cave somewhere

“I’m a gamer and audiophile. Amp Genie is sick man! I stack 2 Amp Genies on my system: one on my streamer and one on my gaming PC audio, so whichever one I use automatically comes out the big speakers. Gaming or music? I can switch back and forth effortlessly without ever touching a remote! I love it! “ – Elijah, Downtown Los Angeles CA



“As an Amp Genie dealer, we are excited to offer it to our many clients that we have sold receivers to over the years. We are finally bringing them the ease of use they always wanted in an affordable, easy-to-install device. And any of our techs can install it since it requires no training, no network, no tools, and all the cables come with it. Our clients will really love using their large systems again.” - John, Amp Genie Dealer, Los Angeles CA