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Amp Genie - The Signal-Sensing Automatic AVR Remote - For Resellers

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"Finally, a simple, reliable and affordable solution to the challenge of integrating audio sources with AVRs. Bravo Amp Genie!"
It’s intended to make it much easier to sync up an audio source with your receiver of choice including Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo, Sony, Pioneer, Anthem, AudioControl, with streaming devices like Sonos.
Amp Genie gets your music playing faster and easier through your audio receiver.
A first-of-its-kind compact signal sensing device that “listens” for music from any wired source.
Meet Amp Genie, World’s First Signal Sensing Automatic Remote.

Benefits of Amp Genie Reseller Partnership

  • Created by Integrators for Integrators. Everything about Amp Genie has your time and profitability in mind. 
  • Designed to save you time, boost your bottom line, and deliver satisfied clients with every install.  
  • The simple solution to many audio integration challenges that, until now, required far more complex solutions 
  • Helps you profitably delight your clients by finally delivering the affordable AVR integration they’ve always wanted 
  • Increases your line item count as an easy add-on for every new receiver sale, and retrofit sales for existing AVR clients. 

By Integrators, For Integrators

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From our Founder

As a veteran integrator, everything we do is designed around delivering a professional and fast install, satisfied clients, and no technical glitches, every time. Most Amp Genie installs take 10 minutes by design, since we know your time literally is money. We help you be successful by providing not only a cutting-edge product, but also the most competitive and exclusive reseller pricing. We handle all of our design, support, and fulfillment in-house so we will help keep you moving and save your valuable time. We look forward to helping you profitably solve your clients’ AVR integration challenges for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Amp Genie Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage

 5VDC @ 80ma maximum draw, USB Power Supply included

Boot-Up Time

<1 second

Response Time

<1 second

Audio Inputs

Analog Stereo, Toslink Optical Stereo , SPDIF Coaxial Digital Stereo

IR Output

1/8” Industry Standard IR Output Jack (Supports visible IR emitter and IR Direct Connection Cable, both included ) 

Programming Interface

10 DIP Switches.  (No network, smart device, credentials, logins, or drivers)

Programmable Features

Selectable Input, All Channel Stereo DSP Select, Auto Volume, Auto Off

LED Indicators

Signal Type Present, IR Active, Standby, heartbeat indicators

Button Functions

TEST button to test ON and OFF routines.

RESET button to save changes and reboot. 

Setup Time

5-20 minutes depending on installer’s knowledge, then set it and forget it.