Amp Genie FAQ

What’s an Amp Genie? Amp Genie is a signal-sensing automatic remote control that sets your receiver up for immediate playback, as soon as it hears you push play on any audio device. Amp Genie eliminates all of the manual button-pressing that used to be necessary before you could hear sound from your Receiver. Amp Genie saving you time, energy, and frustration, and enables you to experience the Joy of Music, on your best systems in your home, Effortlessly.

Physically, Amp Genie is a compact low-current device that sits right under your Port or Connect or can be placed anywhere near your equipment.

Why would I want an Amp Genie? You want an Amp Genie because you know that good sound matters. You own a home theater receiver or stereo receiver that you absolutely love listening to, and want to be able to get right to the music with as few steps as possible. If you’re like many of our clients, you’ve probably been neglecting your beautiful receiver system because cheap smart speakers, until now, were infinitely easier to use than your home theater. But now, with Amp Genie, you can JUST PLAY and you’ll hear music right away. The way it should be.

You’d also want an Amp Genie if you have a setup with several stereo audio inputs, such as computer sound and streamer sound, and you want them BOTH to switch on your receiver and play automatically, without you lifting a finger. After all, you have games to play and music to enjoy, and these things should just happen automatically. Its 2022!

Why would I not want an Amp Genie? You enjoy getting up to push several different buttons every time you want to hear music on your receiver. You enjoy being frustrated rather than relaxing and enjoying your beautiful sound system without lifting a finger. Or, you don’t yet own a receiver. Call us when you get one. 

How does Amp Genie work? Amp Genie actively listens and waits for you to begin playing your music, on any type of stereo audio source. The instant Amp Genie hears sound, it sends all of the commands to your receiver, turning it on, selecting the right input, selecting the proper Stereo DSP, and turning up the volume, even turning itself off again when you’re finished. Its like a live genie that lives in your closet with your receiver remote in his hand, just waiting for you to JUST PLAY.

If you already use voice-controlled streamers, (including Sonos Port, Sonos Connect or many others), all you need is an Amp Genie for the perfect Trifecta: 1) You speak to your voice assistant 2) your streamer plays, 3) Amp Genie hears it and instantly turns on your system to get you right to the music, without a remote or app!

How do I use more than 1 Amp Genie at a time? Easy! With 2 Amp Genies, you can control 2 different stereo audio inputs, such as computer sound and streamer sound. You tell Amp Genie that your computer is on Audio2, and your streamer is on Audio3, and Amp Genie does the rest!

What is the expected lifespan of a new Amp Genie? Amp Genie’s solid state circuitry is designed for simplicity and reliability, just like a factory remote. Amp Genie comes with a 3-year warranty, but is expected to last much longer.

Do I need Internet or a Network to use Amp Genie? No, Amp Genie is completely network agnostic. In fact it doesn’t need a network at all, as long as your source can play audio. So put the needle down on your turntable, pop in a CD, or press play on your cassette deck, hit play on your DJ mixer, start singing on your Karaoke machine, and Amp Genie does the rest.

Do I need a remote control to use Amp Genie? Can I still use my remote if I want? Amp Genie does not require a remote control because it IS technically a remote control! It acts as a remote control for your receiver and presses all the right buttons for you, automatically, as soon as it hears sound. Yes, you can still use all of your remotes in addition to using Amp Genie.

Do I need an App or Smart Device to use Amp Genie?  No, Amp Genie is completely network agnostic and device-agnostic. In fact it doesn’t need a network or device at all, as long as your source can play audio. So, tell your voice assistant what to play, hit play on your Lutron Pico controls, put the needle down on your turntable, pop in a CD, or press play on your cassette deck, hit play on your DJ mixer, start singing on your Karaoke machine, and Amp Genie does the rest. No Apps nor Smart Devices needed.

Does Amp Genie affect my sound quality? No, Amp Genie does not affect sound quality since your audio does not get passed through it. Your audio stays connected directly to your receiver, and Amp Genie listens “passively” without any effect on your signal.

I’m an AV dealer / installer / integrator. How can I offer Amp Genie to my clients? We’re glad you asked! Since Amp Genie was invented in the field by AV integrators, we naturally offer many dealer incentives, including: Generous dealer margins, free dealer shipping, placement on our Dealer Locator page, free dealer tech support, and more! Please visit to apply to become an Amp Genie dealer.

How long does it take to setup a new Amp Genie out of the box? Most users can completely setup their Amp Genies in under 10 minutes! In fact, it can be done in well under 5 minutes if you have done a few of them. Amp Genie only needs 3 connections to work: 1) USB Power, 2) Audio, 3) IR emitter (included). Amp Genie’s “How to Setup your Amp Genie in 2 minutes” guides you all the all of the steps, and we also include a detailed user guide so you can understand all of Amp Genie’s customizable features.

View our “How To Setup Your Amp Genie in Under 2 Minutes” video here:

How can I customize the features on my Amp Genie? In addition to its core functions, Amp Genie also has 4 special features that you can adjust:

1) Input Select A/B – allows you can choose from 2 different receiver inputs, and allows you optionally to stack 2 Amp Genies on the same receiver, for automatic switching between 2 different connected stereo inputs.
2) DSP Select – allows you to insert an optional “DSP All Channel Stereo” command for best stereo sound.
3) Auto Volume Level – allows you to set your volume to 25%, 50%, upon waking
4) Auto Power Off – allows you to automatically power your receiver off after 1 minute, 10 minutes, or never.

Whats in the box? What else do I need?  Amp Genie comes with EVERYTHING you need included in the box, for a hassle free, no-tool, fast installation. Most users get up and running right out of the box in under 10 minutes with no other parts needed. Amp genie includes the USB Power Supply, USB Cable, 3 different types of custom 8" Audio Cables (for every connector type), an IR emitter with a 6' cable to control your receiver, and a user manual/quick start guide. The included cables are short for a clean and easy installation. If your devices are very far apart, you might need a longer audio cable, but probably nothing else.

What do I need to use Amp Genie? Amp Genie requires at least 2 components:

Your Home Receiver (from any of 8 major receiver brands: Anthem, AudioControl, Denon, Marantz, Onkyo/Integra, Pioneer, Sony, and Yamaha/Aventage.)


A Stereo Audio Source (such as a Sonos streamer, turntable, tape deck, CD player, jukebox, PC sound, etc.) Each source requires its own Amp Genie, so if you have 2 sources you want to switch automatically, then you’ll need 2 Amp Genies. Your Stereo Audio Source must have one of these connectors:

 Analog Audio Source  2 (Left/Right) RCA Audio Connectors 
Digital Coax (SPDIF) Audio Source  1 (Digital Coax) RCA Audio Connector
Optical (Toslink) Audio Source  1 Optical (Toslink) Audio Connector


How do I know if I don’t need an Amp Genie? If you don’t have a receiver and an external audio source, you don’t need an Amp Genie. If you only use self-powered speakers such as Bluetooth speakers, smart speakers (ie tabletop speakers), or self-powered Soundbars, then you don’t need an Amp Genie for those. However, if you have smart speakers/amps/soundbars, and add a receiver to work with your whole-home audio system, then you’ll need an Amp Genie to pair with your streamer, to automate everything and get you right to the music.

Which brands of receivers does Amp Genie work with? Amp Genie comes pre-programmed and ready to use with Anthem, AudioControl, Denon, Marantz, Onkyo/Integra, Pioneer, Sony, and Yamaha/Aventage receivers. 

How Does Amp Genie work with Sonos? Amp Genie pairs beautifully with Sonos, as long as you have 2 things: 1) a receiver from the brands above and 2) a Sonos Port or Sonos Connect. In fact, Amp Genie was designed to hold your Port or Connect in style! Amp Genie will make your Port or Connect wake and play your stereo automatically, as soon as you JUST PLAY.

You can start your music any of the ways that Sonos supports, including: the Sonos App, Lutron Picos, Sonos Voice Command, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri,Google Voice Assistant, or any compatible 3rd party automation system.

How was the Amp Genie invented? Amp Genie was invented in the field in Los Angeles California, by an AV integrator who dealt with this problem every day. The inventor’s company sold and installed networks, audio, video, and control systems, and hundreds of Sonos systems, so they were frequently asked to solve this problem. They only offered far more expensive and complicated solutions because until now, there was no simple inexpensive device like Amp Genie dedicated to solving this one simple problem.

Amp Genie was designed and tested in the field by professional integrators, from the ground up, to work reliably and simply, with the fastest installation time, the greatest compatibility across most receivers in the market, and features that both end users and pro installers would need for the best user experience, in any environment.